Mrs Doubtfire encourages giving the gift of theatre this Christmas

In a media first, the West End musical has invested in a bespoke, scripted Christmas TV advert

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

Editorial Assistant Creativebrief


For the first time, a dedicated Christmas TV advert for a theatre production is hitting UK TV screens. The West End comedy Mrs Doubtfire, derived from the classic film, has created the media first campaign. The scripted hero film comes just in time for Christmas; encouraging consumers to give the gift of theatre.

The 60 second clip brings all the joy and humour of Mrs Doubtfire back to our screens. It was created by live entertainment ad agency, Dewynters, and features Gabriel Vick, the actor playing Mrs Doubtfire at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

In a very Santa-esque escapade, Mrs Doubtfire is at it again; getting into funny situations while trying to bring children happiness.

Picking up where the film left off, the character has a TV show aimed at children. We see a young girl watching Mrs Doubtfire on screen, as her father thinks about what to get her for Christmas this year. When she tries to get her father’s attention, he is wrapped up in his own thoughts. He does not notice the sock puppet she has made - a copy of Mrs Doubtfire’s TV sidekick.

Breaking the fourth wall as if by magic, Mrs Doubtfire looks through the screen and watches the situation unfold. And she decides to take action. In the next scene, she’s shown up at the little girl’s house and falls through the window trying to get in. After placating the dog that could alert the family of her presence, she places a gift under the tree. The gold envelope reads ‘Ellie’, the name of the little girl.

Narrowly avoiding the family as they rush downstairs on Christmas morning, Mrs Doubtfire manages to remain unseen. By the Christmas tree, Ellie opens the gold envelope to find family tickets to Mrs Doubtfire the Musical. The young girl is overjoyed. At the end, Mrs Doubtfire shoots the camera a wink, reminding us that “There are some things you can’t buy in a department store… like the magic of theatre”.

The campaign comes in the midst of the traditional festive ad frenzy, dominated by retail advertisers. It creates a unique spot in festive adland, whilst bringing all the classic joy of the season.

Jimmy McNicholas, Brand Director at Dewynters, explains that the campaign is aptly themed and timed. He says: “Going to the theatre is a part of Christmas for many Brits, so it made sense to widen awareness of Mrs. Doubtfire through an industry-first advert in the style of the high street department stores”.

Unique also for the world of theatre, the short film cleverly brings the stage to our screens. It is set to a song from the live show, titled ‘As Long As There Is Love’, and performed by the Original London Company of Mrs Doubtfire the Musical. Providing magic, music, and character, the ad points to all that can be expected from the theatre experience. Thoughtfully, it sews together the magic of Christmas and the magic of theatre.

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