Philips comedic campaign champions uncomplicated coffee

The humorous campaign promotes no-nonsense coffee to showcase Philips’ new espresso machine

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Pots, pods, percolators; coffee is continually getting more and more complicated. A new global campaign for Philips introduces the brand's new espresso machine, the Baristina, which champions a no-nonsense approach to coffee.

The humorous campaign created by Droga5 asks coffee drinkers to ‘Join the new coffee movement’, poking fun at modern coffee culture and offering a more simplified alternative approach.

Unlike other coffee machines with unique pods and moving parts, Philips’ Barinstina aims to shake up the coffee category with a machine that uses fresh beans to deliver a well-portioned espresso. The machine offers barista-level coffee with minimal fuss and no formal training needed.

The humorous hero film showcases the Barinstina as a simple solution to the overcomplication of the coffee category. By gently poking fun at coffee culture with iconography such as late art, alternative milk and plastic pods, the spot juxtaposes simplicity and chaos.

The ad was directed by Filip Nilsson via Object and Animal and takes audiences through the various innovations in the coffee industry that have only served to complicate and alienate. Highlighting the ridiculousness of what the culture has become, the spot builds up to a crescendo before introducing the Barinstina as a simple solution where with a single swipe coffee lovers can make the perfect espresso.

“Philips Baristina is here to shake up the coffee world, starting a new movement that celebrates quality, innovation, and the joy of a perfect cup with a simple swipe. This category-disrupting machine is a testament to our commitment to build Versuni into a world-class, consumer-first, brand-led home appliance leader,” says Marloes Laan, CMO, Versuni.

Using humour to demonstrate self-awareness and category knowledge, the campaign is a nod to coffee fans who are continually bombarded by change for the sake of change. By highlighting the absurdity of coffee culture and repositioning simple, high-quality coffee as the focus, Philip’s Barinstina delivers audiences exactly what they want.

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