Ring home security delivers ‘inner peace’ in debut campaign

The debut campaign from Lucky Generals highlights how Ring can help alleviate anxiety

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In an ecosystem in which consumers would be forgiven for believing that if they aren’t worrying they must be doing something wrong, home-securing brand Ring has set its sights on providing users with that ever-elusive ‘inner peace’.

The campaign introduces a new creative platform for the brand which features the strapline: ‘This is inner peace’. A positioning which has been designed to both drive Ring’s position as a leader in a home security space, as well as create more awareness around its product range.

Lucky Generals has created four different scenarios where a Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera springs to the rescue when people are unable to get to the door or be at home.

In a constantly evolving and challenging world, we’re all on a mission to find some inner peace.

Sarah Fronckevic, Head of Creative at Ring

All shot from a point of view angle, the ads put the viewer in the place of the Ring device owner using the Ring app to deliver an authentic reaction to a stressful situation. Underlying how the device, which in many ways is the closest we can get to being in two places at the same time, can bring ‘inner peace back to the viewer’.

Sarah Fronckevic, Head of Creative at Ring, said: “In a constantly evolving and challenging world, we’re all on a mission to find some inner peace. Our range of whole home security products provide much-needed peace of mind for our customers, who can relax in the knowledge that Ring has them covered.

Danny Hunt, Creative Director at Lucky Generals, added: “These days, we’re all worried about our homes. From anxiety about burglars, to wondering if you turned the oven off to panicking that your dog Jeff is ripping up the living room. That’s why in this campaign we wanted to find modern relatable ways to show that Ring is on hand to allay those fears and bring you inner peace.”

One spot shows a woman working out at the gym, she checks a Ring feed on her phone. Looking at the Ring Indoor Camera, she finds that her dog – Jeff – is sitting on the sofa watching a teleshopping channel. It ends with the line: “This is Inner Peace, brought to you by Ring.”

Another begins with a woman relaxing in a bath when the Ring notification appears on her phone, telling her that someone is at the door. When she sees it’s an unwanted man with a “questionable beard”, she chooses to ignore the call and continue with her relaxation.

The next ad shows how a Ring Video Doorbell will ensure that you never miss a delivery. A man stuck in an a long meeting at work is notified by his Ring app to see that a deliveryman is at his door with an air fryer. He activates the two-way talk on his Ring Video Doorbell to tell him to leave the package next door where he can pick it up later.

The TV campaign launches in the UK this month and runs in the Netherlands from September. A light-touch campaign which hits on the anxiety which comes hand in hand with consumers’ always-on lives.

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