Creative Equals and Creativebrief launch RISE Trend Report

The report, which is designed to amplify the voices and insights of the flagship conference, is free to access.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director Creativebrief


How do you ensure that inclusive leadership stays at the very top of the business agenda in the wake of the pandemic? It starts with cross-industry collaboration and a commitment to change. A commitment which topped the agenda at Creative Equals RISE conference. 

To amplify those voices for change for the second year running Creativebrief has partnered with Creative Equals to create a trend report sharing the key insights from the day. ‘Who makes the work, shapes the work’ was a key theme of the conference and our hope is that these actionable insights and articles will help you to shape both the work and the workplace itself in progressive and inclusive ways. 

Ali Hanan, Founder and CEO of Creative Equals, explained: “Diverse teams have the power to move us forward out of this uncertain time, with the pandemic all around us, an economic downturn on the way and war in Europe. If we keep on driving healthy cultures, we'll be able to embrace the top skills we need to shape the future. When we do this, we all RISE.”

According to Hanan, since RISE began its goal has been to increase the number of women in creative leadership. She explains: “Here's the big news: the numbers have accelerated from 12% to 27% in 2022, so they have over doubled in six years, moving at a rate of 2-3% a year. At this rate, we may reach 50:50 by 2030.”

Yet, Hanan notes when we look at this through an intersectional lens the numbers remain at rock bottom. “We are counting Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic women, LGBTQ+ people, disabled women, women of faith and women over 50 on our fingers. This is a huge missed opportunity, creating blind spots for the work - and for brands.”

We hope the report both inspires and informs you as we progress towards that goal and grasp this once in a generation opportunity to reshape both the work, and the workplace for the better. 

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