Creative Equals and Creativebrief launch RISE Trend Report

The report is designed to amplify the voices and insights of the flagship conference and is free to access.


2023 has been a difficult year for many. Between culture wars, global conflicts, an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, high-interest rates and more, it has been a challenging ecosystem for marketers to say the least. With many marketing budgets under pressure, investment in diversity is under threat. Despite the fact that equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is one of the key levers to unlock growth. A state of play which makes inclusive leadership is more important than ever.

To amplify voices for change and learn from the brands successfully embracing inclusion, for the third time, Creativebrief has partnered with Creative Equals to create a trend report sharing the key insights from Creative Equal’s flagship RISE event. 

The report will amplify the key themes of the conference including the importance of inclusive marketing and why brands should embrace the ‘Return on Inclusion'. Leading marketers will share how inclusion can drive both creativity and profitability,.

Ali Hanan, CEO of Creative Equals, explained: "All marketing needs to sit in a Human Rights framework. Instead of rolling back or rolling over on diversity, equity and inclusion, we need to lead the roll out. Aside from the moral imperative, there is a new ROI, the Return on Inclusion, where diverse teams are a proven driver for innovation, creativity and commercial growth. The data is clear and compelling. This ROI matters to our people, to our brands and the planet."

The report will also explore the challenges surrounding ‘cancel culture’ and how brands should navigate a polarized society. As well as exploring how to design for future audiences and ensure that you reach 100% of your customers through rich and diverse cultural insight. 

When it comes to making meaningful progress on diversity and inclusion, the uncomfortable truth for the industry is that progress is often dependent on people who aren’t in the conference rooms where EDI is being discussed. Our hope is that this trend report will continue the important conversations sparked at RISE and inspire progressive brands and leaders.


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