LEO teams up with Common People to release Dave Trott e-book

The dyslexia-friendly e-reader, LEO has released a section of Trott’s articles as it continues to invest in accessibility.


Dyslexia-friendly e-reader LEO has teamed up with Common People, a forum for working class people in the creative industry, to release a new e-book comprised of legendary copywriter, Dave Trotts most thought-provoking articles

Titled “Being Interesting: The Best of Dave Trott” the new e-book brings together a series of Trott’s best articles from his distinguished back catalogue.

LEO and Common People share in the ongoing mission to make the advertising industry more inclusive. The book will be available from the 1st of August where dyslexic students in the UK will be able to read, listen or watch the articles in a way that best suits their learning preferences. The publication adds to LEO’s growing library of noteworthy content as part of its mission to make advertising course material more accessible.

“Our mission is to make the best writing on advertising truly accessible. That means having Dave Trott’s work on LEO isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. But this isn’t just a Dave Trott book, it’s a working class Dave Trott book, because Dave is a great working class creative.  From its cover, designed by working class illustrator, Israel Kujore, to this being a co-production with our friends at Common People, it’s infused with that spirit.  In fact, we think ‘Being Interesting’ is a truly unique experience.” explained James Hillhouse, co-founder of LEO.

Readers from Common People include co-founders Jed Hallam and Lisa Thompson, as well as Lammas Park’s Mia Powell. Each reader has personally selected articles from Trott’s blog, which he’s been keeping since 2008 and covers subjects such as the necessity of being memorable over being liked, why admitting you don’t know gives you power, and why, in the article that gives the book its name, it’s more important to be interesting than right.

“Common People is all about making the industry more accessible so to be getting behind another initiative doing the same thing has been brilliant. Especially when we know those who are from working class backgrounds are less likely to get help at school with reading and literacy.” added Lisa Thompson, one of the co-founders of Common People. 

She continued: “What particularly makes this partnership so relevant is how often Dave Trott writes about a time when working class people were more common in the advertising world - helping create bloody great work.  To be part of bringing his writing to more people through the LEO platform is something which the Common People network is really proud of”

The book is available completely free through LEO’s customisable e-reading platform. To find out more please click here.

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