LGBT Health and Wellbeing fight against conversion practises in Scotland

The campaign from LGBT+ Health and Wellbeing Scotland and Shape History rejects harmful conversion practices ahead of the Scottish Government’s Consultation

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


As the Scottish Government is set to launch its consultation into ‘Ending Conversion Practises’ LGBT Health and Wellbeing has launched a campaign that rejects the harmful conversion practices. The campaign targets the LGBTQIA+ community and offers support.

LGBTQIA+ Conversion practices have been a persistent issue impacting the physical and mental health of LGBTQIA individuals. The regressive practices referred to as ‘reparative therapy’ or ‘gay cure therapy’ perpetuate a harmful narrative and are detrimental to both LGBTQIA+ individuals and wider societal acceptance.

To put an end to this harm, LGBT Health and Wellbeing has launched its largest outdoor digital campaign at Picardy Place, Edinburgh. The campaign, which was created with the help of Shape History, is designed to let people of the community know: ‘You Are Loved’, ‘You Are Worthy’ and ‘You Are Enough.’

Through striking visual creative, the copy-led campaign uses bright and bold posters to counter the harmful narrative with one of love and acceptance. The campaign points affected audiences towards LGBT+ Health and Wellness’ helpline, where they will be able to access help, advice and support. With support and funding from the Scottish Government, the service is now able to include dedicated support for individuals impacted by conversion practices and a safe space for those affected to seek support and guidance.

"Conversion practices aim to undermine the very essence of one's identity, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and causing immense psychological distress. It's time to challenge these damaging narratives and support those in need," says Matthew Hyndman, Creative Director at Shape History Scotland.

Shape History and LGBT Health and Wellbeing partnered with JCDecaux Community Channel to deliver the campaign which will run on large format digital screens across Edinburgh. The campaign will run ahead of The Scottish Government's consultation into ‘Ending Conversion Practices’ which is currently open until 2nd April while the government gathers a wide range of views from the public to help inform a legislative ban.

Using striking copy-led out of home to drown out hate with acceptance, the campaign offers a message of love along with practical support.

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