Recipe launches earthquake appeal

The campaign calls for donations for charity Ahbap.org to help rebuild following devastation in Turkey

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


In February news coverage of the earthquake that caused mass devastation across Turkey was widespread, calling for help and support to help the nation to rebuild. Yet as time passes this news coverage is quickly disappearing. However, the country needs support. To remind people that help is needed, Recipe has launched an awareness campaign for charity Ahbap.org, a non-governmental organisation that is doing incredible work to search and rescue as well as providing food, shelter and aid to survivors. 

Recipe was inspired to help shine a light on the devastating impact the earthquake has had as two members of their team were directly affected. The agency had first-hand insight as to how bad the situation was on the ground and so sought to find a charity to help promote and use its creative skills to instigate action. 

The agency discovered charity Ahbap.org, which loosely translated means 'friend'. The organisation is non-governmental and is doing incredible work to help search and rescue, as well as providing food, shelter and aid to survivors. Recipe was put in touch with Burak Karagol, Government and Social Impact Partnerships Manager at Meta, who also helps Turkish nonprofits and public sector organisations to use Meta platforms more effectively. With his help, Recipe contacted Ahbap to offer the charity a voice in the UK and help with ongoing funding, free of charge.

“When Recipe offered to create a campaign to help raise awareness beyond our borders, we of course were grateful, but made clear we had no resources available to support creative development - our efforts simply must stay solely focused on the work we're doing on the ground. As a result, we gave them full creative autonomy to act and think on our behalf.” explained Gonca Akpınar, General Coordinator at Ahbap. “We had no idea what will be created, and yet the 'Together We Can Rebuild' creative and the local business initiative perfectly captures who we are and what we're doing to rebuild our community,” they added.

Initially the campaign consisted of shop window signage for local Turkish businesses in the UK that featured a simple QR code donation process. This then grew into a 30 second TVC as the agency managed to secure commercial inventory. The simple, graphic TVC introduced UK audiences to Ahbap and acts as a reminder of the situation in Turkey. The spot used innovative, bold, simple graphics to depict an apartment block swaying and crumbling down to the ground due to the earthquake. Bit by bit the pieces are rebuilt to form the QR code that audiences can scan to donate, showing audiences that it is possible to rebuild. The use of a simple visual has a profound impact.

The simple visual was intended to make the message and in turn the donation process as simple as possible. As charity ads often face barriers such as audience disconnect and overwhelm by disaster, by keeping the creative concise and using visual storytelling audiences are able to easily digest the situation and are pointed to where they can provide practical help. The striking visual also means that the message can be easily translated across geographies.

Alongside the TVC the campaign also aims to position Ahbap as a friend on the ground for those living a nightmare at this time. The campaign is therefore built off a #BeAFriend #BeAahbap brand platform.

As the devastation in Turkey continues to take its toll, this campaign uses creativity to call for action.  It helps solidify the notion in audiences minds that efforts to help rebuild are not over. To donate, please scan the QR code below.

Recipe is calling for support from anyone with commercial airtime/inventory or the means to provide further investment to help get the message out there, Recipe will create any format required. If you would like to join their efforts, please get in touch with [email protected]


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