Talk Club teams with Bristol Beer Factory to mark World Suicide Prevention Day

The campaign promotes ‘Clear Head’ the alcohol-free beer brand which donates 5% of its sales to Talk Club

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director Creativebrief


To mark Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September Talk Club and the Bristol Beer Factory a launching a campaign to encourage real conversation about mental health.

The campaign promotes ‘Clear Head’ the alcohol-free beer brand which donates 5% of its sales to Talk Club. The beer has the compelling strapline of being ‘the alcohol-free beer made to save lives’.

The alcohol-free IPA Clear Head was created 2 years ago between Talk Club and Bristol Beer Factory to raise funds and awareness for the charity. Over £40,000 has already been donated, raising the mental fitness of men in communities across the UK.

Talk Club was founded 4 years ago because suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. A man takes his own life every 90 minutes, with 76% of all suicides being men.

In a time where the mental health of people in society is suffering, attending a Talk Club has been proven to raise a man’s mental health by 10%. 

Starting as a male mental fitness movement in 2019 and gaining charity status in 2021, Talk Club now has 70 clubs around the world. Talk Club aims to spark new, honest and potentially life-saving conversations through the simple question: ‘How Are You? Out of 10?’

Neil Harrison, Co Founder and CCO of Talk Club, explains: ‘We started our first Talk Club in the back of Bristol Beer Factory in Southville, Bristol. Since then BBF and then Clear Head have been at the heart of our community. They have helped us grow and carry the message of how men can start a real conversation. On World Suicide Prevention Day we wanted to remind our community that asking ‘How are you? Out of 10?’ can save lives.’

The campaign was overseen by Clem Elphick, Head of Brand at Bristol Beer Factory, alongside Managing Director Sam Burrows.

At Talk Club Studios the writers for the campaign were Ben Akers, Neil Harrison and Gavin Thorpe. With Art Direction and Design by Tony Stiles, Typography from Fiasco Design and printing by Taylor Bros.

A powerful reminder of the importance of encouraging men to ditch the toxicity of the stiff upper lip and really open up about how they are feeling.

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