Brand attitudes to pitching and the role for agencies in the current climate



It’s understandable that the new business market has been nervous during the last three months. But whilst we’ve not quite seen the sort of activity we’d traditionally expect, we’re now beginning to see an uplift in activity as the industry finds its feet again.

There’s been preparation, discussion and planning, and now finally it seems where budgets were halted or reigned in for Q2, there’s now a desire to release these again as we enter Q3. 

What’s clear from this survey is that there is a huge opportunity for agencies to play a significant role in the coming months. 

Hearing that 76% of senior brand marketers have taken this period as a unique window for reflection and strategic planning to us forecasts a more solid market of opportunity for agencies in the next 6-12 months. As if to reiterate this, almost half of those marketers surveyed see this as an opportune moment to give due consideration to the set up of their marketing ecosystems and agency rosters. 

Agencies should see the upcoming period as a chance to re-establish their worth, if it ever needed re-establishing; the importance of objective thinking representing the interests of the customer, and of course the true value of creativity. 

We’ve been redefining the pitch process for years now, and we’re determined that any benefits the process has seen from the necessities of lockdown don’t slip away. This period has been a big learning for a lot of marketers and agencies alike, and we have the opportunity to continue into a more responsible future. 

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