A Change in Pitch: The stats



The pitch... it’s a topic that leads to a lot of conversation, but not much action. We’re changing that.

Over the past 12 months we have been speaking with brands and agencies across multiple sectors and disciplines to really understand the pros and cons of the current pitch process. We’re looking to see what a viable and ethical alternative could be.

As part of our research, we surveyed 100 brand CMOs and agency CEOs on everything to do with the pitch. Whether it’s fit for purpose in today’s environment, whether it gives a true sense of a working relationship, or whether agencies should be prepared to refuse to pitch more often. It’s all in there and the figures reveal just why the pitch needs to change, and soon.

We explore the topic even further in the pieces below; pieces that draw on the experience of those in the room at our dinners and events, as well as own attitudes. It’s something that we’re continuing to explore over the next few months, so watch this space for future updates.

Establishing a more simple, responsible and effective approach to how brands and agencies come together is something we’ve been working on for some time. The pitch in current form has been bemoaned by the industry for years, but nothing has changed. Our recent events and this survey are about surfacing the flaws surrounding the process as we lead the way to finding a better alternative.

Charlie Carpenter