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Take the time for a day of radical inspiration

Nicola Kemp

Managing Editor, BITE


Why this year’s BITE LIVE is worth both your time and investment

Always on. Big Data. Zero-based budgeting. In a creative ecosystem in which the drive to get more for less is omnipresent, carving out the time and space for thinking can at times feel like a radical act.

While the volume of content covering the marketing and creative industries has risen exponentially over the past five years, the time people in the industry to consume that content, to interpret and understand it has remained static at best. This is why we have done the hard work for you. This year’s BITE LIVE is a half day packed with brilliant speakers and actionable insight.

Our keynote speaker Caroline Criado-Perez, the author of Invisible Women, lifts the lid on the impact of data bias on the industry. All too often the creative industry adopts a ‘one size fits men’ approach, which arguably leaves many brands failing to connect with 50% of their audience. Even Apple, one of the world’s most innovative brands, launched their iPhone Health app without a period tracker.

In Criado-Perez’s book Invisible Women we learn that most offices are five degrees too cold for women, because the formula to determine their temperature was developed in the 1960s and was based on the metabolic resting rate of a 40-year-old, 70kg man; women’s metabolisms are slower. Women in Britain are also 50% more likely to misdiagnosed following a heart attack because of this inherent gender bias.

Smashing Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes won’t be the only damaging and demeaning stereotypes under fire on the day. Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) will host a panel on which brands and media owners will share how to strike a balance between commerciality and creativity to break down the stigma that still surrounds male mental health.

Progressive brands driving a new era of inclusive creativity will top the agenda on our other panel dedicated to Stereotype Smashers. This will focus on how to drive change in the creative industries with practical insight on campaigns and approaches that have driven results. A mixture of agencies/brands and media owners will lift the lid on the tangible campaigns and actions which have successfully smashed stereotypes and delivered positive results to both their businesses and society at large.

The B-Corp Opportunity

The highs and lows of this shift to progressive, inclusive and sustainable businesses will be revealed by Xavier Rees, CEO of Havas London and Mark Cuddigan, CEO of Ella’s Kitchen. The duo will be sharing their experience of working together and how their companies achieved B-Corp status. They will share their insight into using business as a force for good by placing profit on an equal footing with people and planet.

There is no question that we are facing challenging times, both as individuals and businesses. But BITE LIVE will serve up insight and inspiration to positively impact your business today.

We hope to see you there.

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