Aston Martin Global Trilogy Launch

The coolest event we have ever done

Senior Marketing Team, Aston Martin

The Challenge

Launch three groundbreaking vehicles for Aston Martin, featuring the highly anticipated debut of the all-new Vantage alongside their cutting-edge F1 car.

The Idea

Our concept was to create a hero's journey – delivering an unexpected, unique experience that would build towards the grand reveal, where guests would be the first in the world to see Aston Martin’s newest arrivals.

The Solution

Beginning inside the Aston Martin F1 Team’s factory, guests were guided by a curated light display, including the Aston Martin logo, illuminating the sky. The experience was then intensified as VIPs journeyed through a contoured tunnel, filled with motion-sensitive LED screens. CGI meteor effects responded to their movements, teasing the creative theme to come later.

Beyond The Brief

After an out of this world three-course dinner, the VJ performance and DJ set from DJ Amazonica kept the energy flowing throughout the evening.

By focusing our approach on evoking emotion through a carefully choreographed sequence of experiences that raised intensity, we engineered our grandest reveal possible.

We’ve received fantastic feedback from our executive team, customers, and the Aston Martin F1 Team, with the evening being described as the ‘the coolest event we have ever done’. We have now set the bar high for future launch events, not just within Aston Martin for our competitors too. It was great working with everyone at Collaborate and I look forward to partnering with you again.

Gabriella Ecart, Aston Martin Global Events Manager


Aston Martin Global Trilogy Launch

A global launch event for Aston Martin transformed into an immersive experience through detailed planning and choreography. Featuring a dramatic reveal of three new cars, it left 350 VIP guests captivated, exceeding traditional expectations of car launches.

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