Boots Bootiques: Christmas Experiential Gifting

A sensory experience that transcended age, culture, and expectation.

Marketing, Boots

The Challenge

Bring to life three unique and challenging concepts through experiential production – LOVE, SLEEP and TWEEN.

The Idea

Utilise a mixture of stunning design, creative build, and live actors to truly immerse shoppers in the Boots experience.

The Solution

Three bespoke concepts, all in challenging logistical areas – retail space, shopping mall and a public street.

Each activation needed it’s own direction, look, feel and vibe.

Beyond The Brief

To creatively bring each activation to life, we purposefully transformed three completely unique locations, each bringing their own sense of wonder.

Each location involved both an indoor & outdoor element, meaning guests were transported by ‘stepping inside’ each activation, adding to the purpose of the experience.

Cannes Lion Award


Boots Bootiques

A Cannes Lions Award Winning activation that spanned the bredth of the UK. Bringing Boots Christmas campaign ‘gift it like you get them’ campaign to life with an IRL experience that touched on each sense, transporting guests deep into the magic of Christmas.

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