Curious Crab Productions



  • Advertising/Creative
  • Branded content
  • Video production


Curious Crab Productions is a young and agile London-based video production house specialist in food, drink and travel.

We take pride in combining our expertise and passion in food, drink and travel with our 360? approach to innovative video production.

Our first-hand experience in building our own brand in the FMCG space gives us a unique quality that helps to inspire creativity. We work with an extremely clear structure and process to create mouth-watering and captivating videos that combine product animation and lifestyle film.

We love to collaborate with our clients and build campaigns and stories that hugely benefit our client businesses, always keeping commercial growth in mind. Our kitchen and garden studio in London offers a calm and creative space for us to work on projects together with clients, whilst being well connected for any out and about work.

We are true experts, but our company ethos is that we never stop learning. At Curious Crab Productions, every new job provides us with a new outlet for creativity, whilst simultaneously creating a space for us to apply fresh learnings to the next. We see your world in 360? and spin back round to make it better each time.