Against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, a value for money perception was falling amongst EE Mobile customers. 

With this in mind, we wanted customers to re-evaluate and ultimately believe that EE is offering them good value for money.


In order to gain a value for money perception amongst EE's customers, we set two clear objectives:

To increase awareness of EE's benefits - customers' perceived value of their contract.

Redemption of EE benefits - Customers' experienced value of their contract


What better way to showcase the benefits of EE than having Kevin Bacon explain to its customers how to get more value for money from their mobile package?

We partnered with Idomoo to deliver a personalised video from Kevin Bacon, which has never been done in BT/EE customer communications before.

An SMS/MMS was sent to the customers' mobile phone, which encouraged them to explore the link to see how they could get more out of their EE Mobile plan, through a personalised landing page, as well as watch their very own message from Kevin Bacon. The video had three personalised elements: we greeted the customer by name, referenced the mobile device they were using, and also displayed their data plan. Taking personalisation further, we used mobile contract data and shared customised benefits on the landing page using IMI Connect.

Bringing your costs down - Awareness of EE benefits

A message from Kevin Bacon - Kevin Bacon speaking directly to consumer

Picked for you - Redemption of EE benefits

Customised benefits - Customers were directed to see their benefits hosted on a landing page

MMS/SMS's delivered in total
Click through rate to the landing page
of customers watched the Kevin Bacon video all the way to the end
of customers clicked to find out more about particular benefits


EE - Making Your Plan Count

Creating a value for money perception amongst EE Mobile customers.

Business Objectives



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