A unique audio innovation that unravels the mystery of how much Baileys is left in the bottle

Baileys is an iconic Irish brand that is synonymous with Christmas.

But once the Christmas decorations have been packed away and the new year rolls into view, Baileys gets forgotten. It’s put at the back of the cupboard as consumers move on to other treats. And the iconic black bottle makes it hard for consumers to understand just how much delicious Baileys they have left.

Our brief was to get adult drinkers who have forgotten how much they enjoy the delicious taste of a Baileys treat, to take their Baileys out of the cupboard and enjoy it on more adult treating occasions outside of Christmas.

Our Idea:

Baileys Sound Scales is a mobile experience that allows consumers to know how much is left in the dark thick glass bottle of Baileys. A physical+Digital brand interaction that unlocks product recipes and offers.

When a user lands on the Baileys Sound Scales experience on their phone, they are asked to select a bottle size (750ml or 1lt) and blow across the top of their bottle. The amount of liquid left is calculated by the pitch of the sound the bottle makes when blown.

If there is plenty of liquid left, they are served a delicious recipe to make at home with friends and family. If they’ve almost run out, they are offered a discount code to encourage repeat purchase.

Our Strategy:

Baileys speaks to all adults who are legally allowed to purchase alcohol.

Whilst usage of Baileys peaks at Christmas, encouraging consumption outside of the holidays is more difficult. Even with plenty of ways to indulge in Baileys all year round for dessert making. So most of the bottles are stored in shelves until the following Christmas.

To encourage people to reach into their cupboards and re-engage with Baileys, we knew we needed to take an innovative approach that played into a legitimate consumer barrier to using the product.

Social data showed that the iconic black bottle of Baileys had a downside; it can make understanding how much liquid you have left… quite tricky.

Our approach was to create a solution to this age-old question paired with recipes and offers, and an excuse for people to take their Baileys Bottles out of the cupboard.

Measuring the pitch of the sound wave generated by the user blowing over the top of the bottle, Sound Scales can measure the amount left in the bottle, accurate to 50ml of liquid (just over a shot of Baileys).

To bring it to life, we created a model data set of every frequency resonance of Baileys Bottles and we tuned our webapp to listen for those frequencies, after a lot of testing, we were able to figure out that we could reliably get down to 50ML of increments of volume, the smaller the volume of liquid, the larger the frequency.

To launch Sound Scales we created a PR and social media strategy that included content on facebook and instagram as well as influencer creator posts across instagram and tiktok.

Our Results:

Baileys Sound Scales helped the brand reach the highest peak of sales off-season, with a 24% increment vs same season prior year, experiencing the product in new consumption ocassions.

With a potential reach of 2MM (almost half of Ireland's total population) the brand saw a social positive sentiment of 93%

The average engagement time of soundscales was 54s, with 99% of users engaging all the way from blowing into the bottle to our recipe content.


Sound Scales

Baileys Sound Scales is a mobile experience that allows consumers to know how much is left in the dark thick glass bottle of Baileys.

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