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After a tough couple of years, Honda Racing F1’s fanbase had grown quiet. But for 2019, with a new race partner, new drivers and a reignited sense of ambition for the season ahead, Honda was determined to make an impact. And we needed to convince the fans we meant business.


We devised a year of connected experiences that would enable race fans to engage with Honda F1 like never before – a three point plan that created a year of killer content. It started with an epic film that celebrated Honda’s rich racing pedigree. This was then supported by a raft of unmissable social content, using an engaging and playful new tone of voice that F1 fans lapped up. And lastly, we rounded off the season, with a rubber-burning call to arms for the fans to tune-in and watch Honda’s triumphant return to their home turf - at the Suzuka GP in Japan.


We accelerated interest on social platforms, driving more direct connections than ever before:

•      + 737% Insta followers

•      + 286% Twitter followers

•      + 210% YouTube subscribers (YoY 2018-19)

Our hero campaign created jaw-dropping engagement:

•      + 45,067,087 impressions

•      + 83.9% view throughs

•      + 4,291,538 video views

And our connected content inspired and entertained a legion of new Honda fans:

•      + 45 Articles

•      + 270 Insta Posts

•      + 14 Videos

•      + 1,491 Twitter Posts


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