Briefed in January for a campaign to go live in May.

We pivoted in March and were live in April.

This is the story of the Oreo Playbook.

OREO believes that

“In a world where the seriousness of adulthood

is sucking the fun out of everything,

OREO uses the power of a playful spirit

to bring people together.” 

When Covid-19 hit and lockdown was upon us we

needed this now more than ever.

We needed people to stay home

but more than anything we needed to stay playful

15 moments of inspiration, posted over 30 days.

OREO Rocky RoadPaper planes. Postcards. Improved Zoom calls. Discos. Baking showdowns. Holidays from home. Escape Rooms. Movie Roulette. Draughts. DIY Planters. Indoor Camping. Photo Challenge. OREO Brownies. OREO Cheescake.

Each activity was designed to help you find another way to stay playful during the Covid-19 circumstances

Example Post: #5 Bake OREO Brownies


Brownies? Good. OREO Brownies? Goooooood. #StayHomeStayPlayful

These moments of inspiration included specific calls to action helping to to bring distanced friends together again  

It’s been inspiring to see our team across Mondelez and Digitas pivot so quickly and come up with the brilliant Oreo Playbook in such a short time. The end result speaks for itself.

Aislinn Campbell , Senior Brand Manager Mondelez



Amidst uncertain times in a post-lockdown world Digitas helped Oreo create a campaign that inspired people to connect by sharing their playful spirit.


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