Turning heads with fake Kate Moss at Chanel’s Metiers D’Art Fashion Show

Chanel’s Metiers D’Art Fashion Show

Every year, Chanel launches their famous Metiers d’art collection. It’s no surprise they have an equally famous fashion show to flaunt the looks. Previously, their fancy pants fashion shows have been in Rome, Paris and New York. But in 2023, they raised a few perfectly groomed eyebrows by announcing the next one in Manchester. Turns out, its 800m away from the nearest Aldi, the low-cost supermarket.

Aldi don’t sell big brands. But their products are… shall we say, suspiciously familiar? They look the same, taste the same, only thing they don’t do is cost the same. High end luxury and eye-watering prices isn’t quite their style. So, when the whole world was watching, Aldi did what they always do – offered a low cost-alternative to the big names. Only this wasn’t an alternative to a big product name, it was an alternative to a big-name supermodel.

Introducing Fake Moss

Introducing Fake Moss. In just 24 hours from concept to execution, we made the world believe that supermodel Kate Moss was one of Aldi’s regulars – even going as far as to sport the iconic 65p Bag For Life! We hired fake paparazzi to follow a fake Kate Moss and her fake bodyguard around the Aldi next to Chanel’s Métiers D’art show.

Our dupe duped the world, including fans who asked for selfies, broadcasters who talked about us on primetime news and millions of X users who made us trend top 10. Turns out, hijacking Chanel’s catwalk was a cakewalk for Aldi.

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Turning heads with fake Kate Moss at Chanel’s Metiers D’Art Fashion Show

As Chanel took over Manchester for its annual Metiers D'Art show, McCann Manchester and Aldi capitalised on the moment with a PR stunt that included a Kate Moss look-a-like. The stunt created a social media frenzy with fashion fans shocked that Kate Moss had been spotted shopping

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