Breaking into the posh paint club

Our challange: Break Dulux into the posh paint club by persuading those who buy into the Premium Aesthetics market that Dulux’s Heritage range belongs on their wish list and ultimately, their walls! 


Think Dulux? You think reliable, practical, functional. It’s every day, but not posh. This was our hidden challenge. It wasn’t just about elevating the brand; it was about transforming its emotional appeal.

We were conscious that Dulux has huge mass appeal and therefore our media strategy needed to give resounding reasons for our audience to reach up, not down, to our Premium offer.


Our media strategy to land "It's a feeling" was two-pronged: Poach & Protect. 

Poach: influence Reassurance Seekers that naturally default to other brands and highlight Heritage’s superior quality and range. Utilising media environments that enhance the immersive experience of ‘It’s a Feeling’. 

Protect: dial up awareness of Heritage's range of luxury colours and superior quality to retain customers and win new ones.

of listeners recalling Dulux or Dulux Heritage
increase in brand recall amongst our target audience.


Our results showed that audio has the power to sell paint! This first ever paint podcast partnership is the beginning of our audio adventure, delivering growth for Dulux in a competitor free environment.

We took a big leap of faith in an economic environment where not taking risks seems wiser. However, we knew that the only way to change perceptions was to challenge consumers to feel us differently.


AkzoNobel - Posh Paint Club

Our task, break Dulux into the posh paint club!

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