It's Possible

Introducing Possibility Place, a two-day experiential OOH wonderland in London’s Covent Garden, bringing the endless array of inspiring, everyday beauty, food and home inspiration ideas found online into the world of the familiar, via a reimagination of a typical local corner shop.

Interrupting our audience’s media routine, Possibility Place brought the Pinterest user experience to life by melding the ordinary with the extraordinary to unlock the magic of the everyday; a perfect platform for visitors to discover Pinterest’s new ‘It’s Possible’ brand campaign.

Challenger Thinking

To drive creative curiosity, we developed a strategy aimed at Keeping Your Momentum; a multi-channel media campaign with touchpoints throughout the creative process, for inspiration to activation, delivered via three key pillars:

  1. Be the Kickstarter - Position Pinterest as the ‘official start of everything’. Transform trigger moments into project start moments
  2. Be the Hype Wo/man - Tap into digital signals of SOS, position the platform and its features as cures to a lack of momentum
  3. Be the Process - Create mechanisms for engagement to drive repeat visits. Reinforce action through frequency to help complete the process

But how to achieve a task as ambitious as positioning Pinterest as the start of everything? 

Possibility Place was amplified via a multi-channel media campaign

Kickstarting inspiration moments on BVOD by appearing in creativity-provoking TV programming, tapping into moments of creative curiosity, inviting action via takeover formats when content was paused.

Interrupting the digital doomscroll by hijacking feeds through unexpected social interactive formats and native-first creative (eg Snap AR Lens and TikTok Influencer creative in partnership with TTCX).

Championing the “How To” with partners including Azerion, Teads and InMobi, delivering programmatic takeovers to audiences seeking creative assistance, while providing a “When To” nudge to audiences who’d begun (but not finished) their creative journey via data-led retargeting traded through TTD DSP.

Sign-ups for the Possibility Place activation
Lift in comprehension YoY
Lift in aided awareness YoY
Lift in unaided awareness YoY


Pinterest - It's Possible

Pinterest faces a challenge - how to convert its users from planning one-off big life moments, into everyday visitors to up their day-to-day creativity.

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