RUNLOCK – Unlocking the benefits of running for everyone

For nearly 100 years, people who love to run have loved to run in New Balance shoes. The orginal has held steady, but new competitors are gaining ground. We needed to remind runners that New Balance IS running.

Challenger Thinking

We introduced Runlock: a campaign to create an emotional connection. We challenged people to run 30km in 30 days - and see where it took them. In January, the most depressing, cold, dreary time of the year, we got them out. Running.


Runlock, initially a local campaign in the UK, went global, recruiting runners from 180 countries. Enough to run around the world 550 times. Reigniting New Balance's association with running.

Recognised by AdWeek as 'Best International Media Plan'.

With results so strong that we did it all again in February 2024.

Affinity with running


New Balance - Runlock

Runlock – a brand experience, designed as the first 360 expression of New Balance’s Run Your Way proposition. A multi-touchpoint activation across an integrated campaign, created to inspire runners of all abilities to unlock the mental and physical rewards of running.

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