Phase 3: Vaccinations


We were tasked with building confidence and uptake of the vaccine amongst both the general public and specific communities that have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.


Both care workers and members of the public had several barriers to vaccine uptake: overall distrust of government, safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, and practical concerns. ​

Our deep understanding of the barriers was critical to vaccine uptake and our engagement strategy.​

Principally, lack of trust in government and health institutions meant it was imperative that we empowered communities to lead the conversation. ​

The three key motivators were shown to be: helping return to normal, protection, and social proof.


We showcased Overall inspiring message: “Every vaccine gives us hope”.​

Social proof “Join the millions”.​

Functional messages around eligibility. ​

The campaign grew from owned media to mass targeting, as the vaccine rollout progressed through cohorts of the population.


Covid-19 Phase Three: Vaccination

Never was being a force for good more important than when Covid-19 hit in March 2020. We were appointed by the UK Government to develop and deliver an ongoing series of multi-channel public-information communications in an unprecedented climate.

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