Takis - Drop Codes

Takis hides the location of the hottest drop of the year on Spotify.

After years of it being nearly impossible to get your hands on a bag of a Takis, Gen Z’s favourite spicy snack (IYKYK) finally dropped in a UK supermarket.


On September 17th a limited amount of Takis became available as an Aldi Special Buy. However, the only way to make sure you were at the front of the queue was to solve the drop codes Takis had fly postered all over the UK.


The lead creative was a cryptic message hidden in the song titles of a Spotify playlist that could only be accessed by scanning the code on the fly posters. Those who noticed the scannable poster and cracked the playlist code read: 


You found me, well, us. Congratulations. I bet you feel confused. I wonder what you think this damn song, I mean, playlist is for. We’ve got good news. Takis are coming to where you are. Where’s that girl? Everywhere. Anyway, back to it. They’re coming 17.09.2023. Where? The chain of supermarkets that has four letters. It’s in this song: Howdon Aldi Death Queue. You might burn your tongue. You’ll feel hot hot hot. Be prepared. Sooooo any questions? If not we’re off, married at first sight Australia is on the TV. See you later Alligator.


Other drop codes in the campaign included morse code explaining the message in dots and dashes, a what3words directing people to their closest Aldi, NFC activated clues and some really, really small writing.



Takis - Drop Codes

We harnessed Gen-Z’s love of exclusive drops and code cracking to promote the hottest drop of the year: Takis coming to Aldi. Takis ‘Drop Codes’ are a series of fiery fly posters with cryptic codes that, when cracked, reveal the date and location of the Takis x Aldi drop.

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