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Sunshine is a next-generation strategic, creative and cultural consultancy designed to help businesses respond to the new era’s extraordinary demands in building and connecting with their most valuable audiences. We help our clients create the future of modern brand behaviour, and express their unique stories in new ways that contribute to culture.

Sunshine’s guiding principle is “Don’t interrupt the things people love, be the thing people love”. Our goal is to move our clients from thinking in interruption strategies to thinking in contribution strategies and from thinking with an advertising mindset to thinking with a cultural mindset.

We collaborate with many of the world’s most prestigious fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands, delivering strategy, design, creative services and production. We strongly believe that empathy and respect for your audience’s intelligence and taste - asking ‘what do they want to hear’, not ‘what do we want to say’ - is the only route to building deep relationships with the communities these brands intersect with. To do this we need a positive dissatisfaction with the status quo, and an openness to new ideas, models and approaches.



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By Sunshine Company

To mark the 10 year anniversary of #GucciChime, Sunshine developed a global campaign of thought provoking, social first films starring some of the most influential faces from across the globe to bring gender equality back to the top of the agenda.