WeWork VVM - Social Content

The Brief

Pilot a data driven approach to marketing where content earns media spend, injects accountability into the media/creative process and seeks to “find” right rather than “be” right.

Our Approach

Real time, in-market consumer feedback and performance provided us with unprecedented quantitative & qualitative cohort insights. We took over two years of data analysis and understanding of WeWorks user behaviour and conversation cycle to determine our Cohorts. Our Cohorts influence the creative that we produce. This leads to a range of different creative messages that deliver results against each audience group.

Our Results

We created a fluid global model that maximised relevance and enabled a data driven content series. We built a bespoke, real time reporting dashboard and tagging system to be used for future engagements. We exceeded CTR benchmarks across the board from 71-449% across our content series.


WeWork - An audience first approach to finding right

Post pandemic, with the world waking up to a new way of working, we needed to re-establish the brand as the potential solution in this new normal.

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