Disrupting the category to showcase brand promise

Products today are designed with a fixed lifespan.

It’s called planned obsolescence and it’s even prevalent in the home appliance segment.

Beko, however, has been long going against this trend by prioritising durability and investing in extensive testing of their appliances.

To reach a large audience and create buzz around this, we couldn’t just launch a traditional campaign. We needed to break category codes and come up with an innovative idea that would create conversation, attract attention and achieve press coverage.

Our Idea:

We created a first of a kind initiative that allowed Beko customers to pass on their appliances to their loved ones by turning them into official inheritance. By consulting legal experts, we drafted the Beko Inheritance Addendum and launched it in 3 markets across Europe and The Middle East.

A film crafted with attention to detail nodding to the popular murder mystery genre and an extensive influencer campaign led consumers to the website where they could personalize and download their own Addendum. Consumers could find the Addendum next to the user manuals in select retail locations across the 3 markets.

By hijacking one of the most long-standing institutions of all time of all time, we showed the Beko appliances are here to stay. Maybe even longer than their owners.

Our Strategy:

The strategy was to challenge the status quo, breathe new life into the stale segment, and position Beko as a confidence-inspiring brand through its reliable and durable products.

We wanted to disrupt the market and break away from traditional category codes, while also create conversation through a bold statement. That’s how The Inheritance Addendum was born.

We went further and promoted the Addendum not only through an extensive influencer campaign in 3 markets, but also by tapping into the pop-culture movement that has seen the resurgence of the murder mystery genre with the likes of Knives out and Murder on the Orient Express, a genre which is the red thread of all the communication assets of the campaign.

First, we worked with legal experts to draft an Inheritance Addendum that could be added to a last will and testament. Customers could personalize and download the Addendum on the campaign website.

Next, we created a branded murder mystery inspired film featuring the story of three siblings fighting over a prized family heirloom, which is later revealed to not be a huge inheritance or a luxury watch, but instead, surprisingly, a Beko fridge, and launched it across social channels. An extensive list of social assets was created to support the film, including a Tik Tok filter turning the user in one of the characters from the story.

The Addendum was promoted via an extensive influencer campaign in 3 markets – Poland, Spain and Egypt, and launched in select retail locations.

Our Results:

By basing the campaign around the universal insight of high expectations when it comes to the lifespan of appliances and tapping into pop-culture, our campaign managed to transcend the advertising space and achieved impressive results in just 2 weeks after being launched:

The campaign landing page hosting the Inheritance Addendum was accessed more than 1,5M times.

The launch film became the most viewed ad in Beko’s history, with a total of 259 million views on all assets across social channels. What’s more, our influencer campaign generated 132 pieces of content and 80 million views in 3 different markets, generating 88% positive sentiment.

The campaign generated a total of 2,8 billion impressions across the campaign, with 528 million social reach and another 100 million PR coverage reach across marketing and consumer media.


The Beko Inheritance

The Beko Inheritance is a first of its kind initiative, allowing Beko customers to pass on their appliances to their loved ones through an Inheritance Addendum.

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