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The Bank Built for You

Ahead of the launch of the latest Starling Bank brand campaign, Wonderhood Makers was challenged with socialising the ATL in order to drive deeper relevance with a new, broader audience base. The new campaign - The Bank Built for You - was full of possibilities and potential when translating TV, OOH and Radio assets into content that would not only get seen in social media spaces, but drive engagement with more communities. 

Makers approached the content in three ways: 

  1. Re-shoots of the TV scripts in social-first formats and techniques
  2. Lifting the casts of each of the 3 x AV assets and giving them more meaning in new online scenarios and content
  3. Standalone, trend-driving content using social listening and platform trends

By leveraging the same set, cast and concepts, we were able to create fit-for-platform ‘cuts’ of the hero AV creative that utlised in-platform features, as well as campaign narratives to create versions of the ad that not only felt organic, but were actually organic. This approach achieved the longest view-through rates of any previous ATL edits for social.

Through jumping on live trends on platforms like TikTok, the ‘ick’ edit achieved a £0.45 CPE and a £1.08 CPF, the highest average for the brand so far. The ‘GRWM’ edit, in which we used the same cast as ‘The Night Owl’ edit, but created a standalone, behaviour-led script that jumped on the ongoing content trend showed a £1.42 CPM for video views & a £1.22 CPF for audience engagement. 

The results highlight the importance of content created solely for social and how significant the first 2 secs are on Tiktok, with Rinsed performing very well due to it’s compelling opening. Key results from the campaign show higher average watch times, video completion rates.


Starling - The Bank Built for You

Wonderhood Makers were tasked with translating the ATL campaign for Starling’s latest brand platform - The Bank Built For You (TBBFY) into social-first assets that would reach and drive relevance with a broader audience base.

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