Alessandra Mariani

Senior Strategist FITCH


Alessandra develops experience strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands including LEGO and Circle K. She specialises in brand, omnichannel and consumer behavior, focusing on the intersection between functional and experiential in modern retail. Graduating from University of East Anglia with Masters in Brand Leadership, Alessandra has a passion for education, supporting masterclasses on branding and retail at UEA, and co-creating an MSc course with Ravensbourne University. She also developed FITCH’s Global Strategy Internship which she leads presently. Alessandra was awarded Transform’s Young Contender of the Year 2018 for Strategy and is a confident speaker and regular spokesperson for areas of interest in the media.

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Don’t care less, but do go further

By Alessandra Mariani

As the world considers a return to normality, Alessandra Mariani, Senior Strategist at FITCH writes that brands should shift from a focus on sentimentality to meaningful engagement.

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