Amy Still

Founder & CEO Whisk


After more than fifteen years in the advertising industry, Amy founded Whisk to help brands find and engage their audiences in community platforms they didn’t know about.

Amy’s career began with the digital agency Outside Line - built in the early days of social media - and she helped grow the company’s portfolio to include clients including LG, Budweiser, and British Gas. Eventually, Outside Line, based in London, exited with its sale to Saatchi & Saatchi in 2012.

She stayed with Saatchi & Saatchi London for four years following the acquisition, integrating digital media into accounts including Toyota, EE, HSBC, and P&G, and eventually running the global campaigns for VRBO. The company moved Amy to New York in 2016 to set up its U.S. digital advertising offering, where she built a team of more than 50 people working on digital strategies for companies like Wal-Mart and Cadillac.

Amy began consulting for scale-up community platforms and saw first-hand the resource challenges they faced in pitching their businesses to brands and agencies. She was inspired to find a better approach to this process, and unlock the value that exists in these community partners - and Whisk was born.

Amy has been an early adopter and advocate for community media, and understands the native social and digital landscape deeply. At Whisk, she helps brands understand which communities fit the brief and their audience, and how to create a campaign that maximizes reach and impact through unique campaigns.

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