Anna Coscia

Strategic Planning Director Quiet Storm


Anna works as Strategic Planning Director at Quiet Storm. She started her advertising career at JWT in Italy, her native country. She is passionate about human nature and fascinated by how people think and behave. But it’s how people feel and how they connect to one another that gets her really excited. She is big on emotions and plans from the heart, not surprising for an Italian. In the UK she has worked at world-famous agencies like Saatchi&Saatchi, AMV and Leo Burnett, on international brands such as Fairy, Dolmio, Always and Pampers. On Always she led the strategy for the ‘Like a girl’ campaign, one of the most awarded internationally, including two APG awards and a UN award for the impact the campaign had on female empowerment around the world. On top of her work in advertising, Anna is also an executive and leadership coach and a qualified yoga teacher. She is very interested in wellbeing and mental health and passionate about helping people grow and thrive.

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Anna Coscia, Planning Director at Quiet Storm, argues that society still associates power with masculinity, presenting a case for business restructuring which allows women and men to lead in a more inclusive way.

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