Dave Sutton

Group Experience Design Director Beyond


Dave is a human-centred UX design and research leader with 15 years of experience building digital services for customers and employees of top global brands. He and his teams thrive by designing experiences, systems and tools that meet genuine user needs and achieve tangible business goals. He has planned and led human-centred design projects for multiple global brands including Google, MoneySuperMarket, Block One, Luxottica Group, Chrysler, Barclay's, UBS, Fidelity UK, Novartis, and Juniper Networks.
Dave is passionate about inclusive design and promoting diversity in the creative professions to ensure the products we create work well for everyone. He also works on Flipside, an annual programme to help pipeline more talent from underrepresented backgrounds into the creative industries in London.
In his spare time, Dave is a keen gardener, runner and Crossfitter, and sings with the London Gay Men’s chorus, a charity performing group dedicated to pursuing equality for all LQBTQIA+ people.

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