Georges Tertois

Co-Founder & General Manager Eidgensi


Georges started his career as an accountant, providing valuable guidance to start-ups in the aftermath of the 2009 financial crash. However, his passion for creativity and new challenges led him to transition into the exciting field of agency and marketing.

During his time at a renowned design agency, Georges had an exciting opportunity. He joined forces with like-minded friends to launch a ground-breaking canned wine company, taking on the role of Chief Marketing Officer. This experience fuelled his enthusiasm for driving brand success and honing his skills in strategic marketing.

As Georges immersed himself in designing websites, he discovered a fascination for Web3 technologies and blockchain. He realised their potential to revolutionise various industries. He recognised the possibilities offered by Web3 technologies, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation. Driven by curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit, George's passion for Web3 technologies continues to grow. He eagerly pushes boundaries and embraces the transformative power they hold, positioning himself at the forefront of a revolution that will redefine industries and unlock extraordinary opportunities for innovation and success.

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