Jane Asscher

CEO & Founding Partner 23red


Jane set up 23red with Creative Director Sean Kinmont in October 2000. A behaviour change expert, Jane has led the development of award-winning social marketing and behaviour change strategies on topics as wide-ranging as health and well-being, skills and education, environment and sustainability, road and rail safety and equality. Jane co-authored the Change4Life marketing strategy and remains a strategic adviser to Public Health England. She is a Fellow of the IPA and sits on the IPA Council. She has been a regular industry columnist and published many articles and thought pieces on effective behaviour change. She has been honoured at the Women of the Year Awards.

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Why can’t every ad be green?

By Jane Asscher

Jane Asscher, CEO & Founding Partner of 23red on the importance of sustainability, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it is a necessity to future proof a business.

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