Jane Latham

Head of Wellbeing Splendid Communications


A member of Splendid’s leadership team for over 10 years, Jane currently divides her time between her Head of Wellbeing role at Splendid and seeing private clients as a Human Givens therapist.

Her role at Splendid focuses on encouraging a people-first approach, raising emotional intelligence across the business, and ensuring that balance and wellness are at the heart of
everyone’s working life.

Her Feel Human at Work wellbeing workshop programme sessions explore a range of simple strategies to help employees recognise and respond to stressors, build emotional resilience and intelligence, and feel more confident and inspired. This is brought to life through a combination of both theoretical and experiential aspects, including everything from breathing to relaxation, mindfulness, and visualisation. The programme has been rolled out to employees at Splendid across all levels, with mixed ages and seniority in each session, encouraging open discussions and sharing of experiences, helping everyone to recognise we’re all in the same boat when it comes to emotional wellbeing.

Additionally, as an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner, Jane takes all new starters through an Insights personality profile exercise and uses this methodology along with
the Human Givens approach to support team effectiveness, leadership and management initiatives across the business, as well as helping to inform any one-to-one sessions that are available to all staff facing emotional health issues.

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“We’re all human and when we’re more understanding of the needs of others, we improve performance.”

By Jane Latham

During Mental Health Awareness week, Splendid’s Head of Wellbeing, Jane Latham is leading the charge on managing stress in the workplace.

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