Jo Barnard

Founder Morrama


Jo is an experienced and passionate designer and founded industrial design and innovation agency studio Morrama just one year after graduating from University. Prior to establishing Morrama, Jo worked with a number of large-scale clients including John Lewis, TomTom and GravityLight. A champion of female empowerment within design and of the role of sustainability to create a better design industry, Jo has established an incredible understanding of all things design, from the idea curation phase right through to manufacturing and distribution as she continues to push the boundaries of innovation with Morrama on a day-to-day basis.

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Jo Barnard, Founder of Morrama highlights why it is so important to be championing female designers across the world, celebrating the role models young designers so need.

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Can we measure the environmental success of lockdown?

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Jo Barnard, Founder of Morrama on the environmental impact of a global pandemic.

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