Julietta Dexter

Co-founder and Chief Growth and Purpose Officer ScienceMagic


Julietta is co-founder and chief growth and purpose officer of ScienceMagic, a strategic and creative company founded in 2020, that exists to connect brands and talent to their communities by combining the power of strategic science, creative magic and digital experience. The company's clients include eBay, Brompton, Veuve Clicquot, Genesis and Glossier.

Julietta’s passion is to build businesses that matter in a better world, tackling the tension between making money and doing good, while making sure commercial success sits within the context of cultural relevance.

Prior to launching ScienceMagic, Julietta founded The Communications Store at the age of 26. TCS was one of the UK’s leading strategic brand development and communications partners to the world’s best brands including Versace, Charlotte Tilbury and Regent Street. Over the course of 25 years, as CEO, Julietta steadily expanded the company both in terms of staff and client portfolio while remaining ever faithful to the ethos and values of honest business delivery.

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