Karan Tattersfield

Chief People Officer Grey London


With over 15 years experience in leading Human Resource teams, Karan joined the Grey team as Chief People Officer, Europe in September 2021. Karan has worked across a diverse range of industries including, luxury travel, property and event production before joining the WPP family in April 2019. Fully believing in creating a better way of working Karan has been influential in leading highly progressive and successful people strategies that have enabled teams to thrive and progress whilst not impacting on mental health. Karan has extensive experience in leading people teams to successfully embed and advance key areas such as Learning & Development, Recruitment and Employee Relations. A naturally empathetic and collaborative approach has allowed Karan to positively influence leaders to change perceptions and breakdown barriers of unhelpful and often dated human resource approaches. She is a huge advocate of mental health and achieving balance at work. She is also an industry speaker and panel participant on embedding people strategies in creative environments. Karan is Mum to two boys and lives in North London. She has a deep love of skiing, marathon running and mountain climbing.

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