Parry Jones

Deputy CEO What's Possible Group


Parry Jones is Deputy CEO for What’s Possible Group, the only harmonious marketing group exclusively for marketers at dynamic growth brands. Parry has been with the business since 2006 and during that time he has been involved in new launches, M&A, international expansion, re-brands, re-structures, and a management buy-out. All resulting in the business growing turnover by 35x.

Parry has worked at the What’s Possible Group for two years, and has worked across Hubble, Pintarget and Connections. He previously worked at The Specialist Works, part of the Group from 2006 to present. Prior to this, Parry worked at Haymarket Media Group.

Parry is leading the business towards their CSR goal of being a B-Corp by the end of 2022.

The highlight of his career is the launch of the group’s share option scheme. This launched in the height of the pandemic and the scheme gives all team members the opportunity to benefit from the financial growth of the group. Parry’s mission is for every What’s Possible team member to be proud to work for the group and his passion is helping people do their best work. He also aims to create an award-winning company culture, and empowers people to redefine what’s possible for their careers and the group.

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