Sunaina Sharma

Strategy Director Landor and Fitch


Sunaina made the move across the pond to New York after living in London for eight years and working with clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

Her most recent work includes working with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to reposition its three main airports, developing a partnership strategy for AWS, and leading the creation of a new Amazon customer experience, Amazon One.

Her other clients have included Meta, Intel, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, and Western Union.
Previously, Sunaina worked in management consulting, with a focus on providing due diligence to private equity firms and VCs on potential targets and investment opportunities.

Sunaina is forever curious – some might say too curious. Her love of problem-solving and innate restlessness always has her asking ‘why’ and trying to get to a better answer. Currently she’s asking herself why she decided to take up golf.

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