Supriya Dev-Purkaystha

Commercial Director ForwardPMX


Supriya has been working in Digital Marketing for 15+ years and joined ForwardPMX (previously Forward3D) in 2011. Currently a member of the Executive Management Team in EMEA, she has been the catalyst who has created roles and departments within the business, from Business Development through to Client Services and has actively contributed to building her current agency from 30 people to 1,000 and a successful merger. One of UK’s Top 100 BAME Leaders in Tech (2018) Supriya’s move into her current role as Commercial Director was another example of her taking on a challenge. Under this role, alongside revenue management, productisation and business development, she also heads up strategic partnerships for the agency, and is responsible for sourcing relevant media and tech partners to develop the agency’s offering and ensure they cater for the needs of their versatile client set globally.

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