Tilly Morgan

Operations & People Director Wilderness


After making the decision to not attend university, I secured an operations internship straight out of college and have continued to pursue success in the field ever since. Having worked at Wilderness for the past 3 years I have developed a strong passion for creating a diverse and sustainable business through a number of initiatives.

I strive for every member of our team to truly feel Wilderness is the best place to work through our culture of excellence and believe the operational function has a key role to play in this. Providing a greater number of entry level roles to underrepresented talent and developing that talent into senior positions at the agency largely supports this goal. By working with our partners at

Ravensbourne University, The Opportunity Group and Brixton Finishing School we have been able to provide a number of new positions in 2021 alone.

A shared passion with the team is to operate sustainably and be conscious consumers. Wilderness has a number of sustainable development goals that I take great pride in leading the team towards achieving and connecting them with like minded organisations to further educate our talent. For 2021 we have partnered with Village Water and have conducted numerous fundraising campaigns to support their mission to provide access to safe water and hygiene to remote communities in Zambia and Mozambique.

After joining the board of directors in 2020, my aim is for Wilderness to be viewed by talent as an agency of great opportunity and structured support and respected by our industry peers for our contribution towards social and environmental causes.

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