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Change brings new confidence

The Gamechangers Interview series highlighted the power of transitional leaders in times of uncertainty.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director Creativebrief


You would be forgiven for getting to the end of 2022 and reflecting that what is expected of a marketing leader is verging on unfair. From the cost of living crisis to the pandemic induced mental health crisis leaders were faced with challenges which stretched them from both an economic and emotional perspective.

Marketing has been an ‘always on’ discipline for years, yet there is no denying that 2022 brought with it a unique set of challenges. But hand in hand with those challenges came a unique opportunity to do things differently. 

An opportunity which makes learning from the best business critical, with this in mind as the year draws to a close we have bought together the very best thinking from the Gamechangers interview series in partnership with global talent consultancy for the creative industries, The Blueprint.

The leaders that in 2022, didn’t just talk about change, they successfully navigated the sharp edges of making change happen: 

‘There is a cultural gap between the art and science of our business’

Nick Law on why holding companies need to be reinvented, why creative leadership matters and what deep simplicity means for Accenture Song.

‘Change brings new confidence.’

Jessica Tamsedge, Chief Client Officer, McCann Europe and UK, on how motherhood is her creative fuel and the power of not trying to do it all.

‘There is an enormous opportunity in risk’

Chris Perry, Chief Innovation Officer at Weber Shandwick opens up on the opportunity to make a difference and the importance of collaborative learning.

Being your true self as a brand

Sara Hyman, CEO North America at JKR, on moving beyond generic category conventions and being fit for purpose for the next decade.

You don’t have to be this stereotypical ad man

Sam Hawkey, CEO of AMV BBDO on the power of challenging accepted wisdom, retaining diverse talent and making a deep impact.

Irresponsibly ambitious and delusionally optimistic

Corinna Falusi, Chief Creative Officer of Mother New York, on why the agency doesn’t have a ‘house style’ and the power of embracing discomfort.


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