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D&AD goes digital to launch the most accessible annual ever

The concept of giving everyone a seat at the digital table is central to the launch of the 58th D&AD Annual.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


In the search for silver linings amid the current crisis, let's be honest by now we all could do with some, accessibility is top of the list from a business perspective. The switch to digital everything has come hand in hand with the opportunity to extend events, products and information to a greater range of people than ever.

This concept of giving everyone a seat at the digital table is central to the launch of the 58th D&AD Annual, which according to Saatchi & Saatchi Global CCO Kate Stanners and D&AD President for this year: “The 58th Annual will be the most accessible Annual ever.”

The ethos of opening up this resource to the widest community possible - the digital annual is free - is one to be applauded. WIth over 1,000 pieces of creative work from the world’s best creative talent, the first digital annual is a significant endeavor. While at this point in the pandemic we could all do with a break from the screen, this digital edition will give the annual the opportunity to reach a far bigger proportion of the creative community than ever before. 

According to D&AD, the digital Annual enables the organisation to better fulfil its top priorities of reaching more diverse audiences, inspiring emerging talent in new ways and contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing its carbon footprint.  

To replicate the serendipity of flicking through a physical book, the main interface surfaces creative work randomly in an attempt to deliver the analogue art of discovery into the digital realm. This year’s Annual also includes 46 videos of jury panel discussions, judge interviews and behind the work sessions with the creatives behind some of this year’s most talked about work.

Created by Studio Dumbar, the annual is free to access to all and is now available via the D&AD website, 2020 D&AD Annual

D&AD Annual creative work.png
D&AD Annual work.png

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