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Songwriters Fonts

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Songwriters Fonts
The letters and notes of musicians, used by Songwriters Fonts to create each unique font type

Haven’t you always wished you could step inside the mind of a brilliant creative? Wish that you could glean just one small part of their immeasurable and often incomprehensible imagination? Do you think if you could write in their hand that would push you to greatness?

Songwriters Fonts allows you to do just that, having sourced and scoured the handwriting of influential songwriters to create free for personal use, downloadable fonts. Fancy something a little wild but dark? Start typing a la Kurt Cobain. Maybe you’re feeling a bit more Brit pop; opt for John Lennon.

There are five fonts to choose from, five famous musicians in who’s handwriting you can, compose, including Cobain, Lennon, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg. The company read through letters and notes written by each musician, pulling together five unique font alphabets.

It is said that your handwriting can reveal a lot about your personality. Indeed, graphology is the science behind this analysis. Looking through these fonts, the spidery penmanship of Bowie contrasts with the poetic italics of Cohen and the heavy weight of Cobain, the alphabets seemingly revealing the personalities behind them.

As we now rely more heavily on digital typing over handwriting, why not try digitally writing in the hand of a tortured artist for an afternoon? Who knows, it may just inspire your best work.

NB. As of 13th April, the project's founders have been instructed to shut the project down due to legal issues. Please see the Songwriters Fonts’ website for the full statement.

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