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Focus on Edinburgh – David Shearer, Managing Director of MediaCom Edinburgh

Tom Holmes

Founder & Chairman


Following our recent feature City Brand Leaders – Edinburgh, we interviewed a select group of leaders from Edinburgh’s top agencies to help focus on the Edinburgh brand and consider their own agency vision.

Creativebrief Founder & Chairman Tom Holmes talks to David Shearer, Managing Director, MediaCom Edinburgh

David Shearer, MediaCom Edinburgh

TH: David, what does the Edinburgh brand stand for?

DS: Culture, tradition, old-fashioned stoicism and if the circumstances are right, innovation.

TH: How do you think Edinburgh should position itself?

DS: As above but with the additional attributes of a flexible, cost-effective approach.

TH: Are the city’s brand values reflected in your own agency culture?

DS: Yes, to the extent that we’re based here and all of our people live/work in the city.

TH: Does being based in Edinburgh influence your creative output? If so, how?

DS: No – it’s a global village these days.

TH: What makes your agency offer different?

DS: I believe our client service offering is second to none. 

TH: Why should clients consider sourcing work from Edinburgh agencies?

DS: Why not? Any location-based obstacles are now supplanted by technology and all the other skillsets are firmly in place.

TH: What sort of clients do you want to attract?

DS: The kind of clients who genuinely want to work in a collaborative way with us and also understand that we’re a business which needs to make a profit. Yes, they do exist!

TH: What work have you done recently makes you really proud?

DS: There are plenty but we are a media agency so it’s quite difficult to provide the kind of examples you’re looking for.

TH: What Scottish brands do you most admire and why?

DS: Irn-bru: stick to their brand values in a humorous way and seem to be winning.

TH: Are there any local marketers who have inspired you?

DS: Generally, the clients we work with – it would be unfair to be any more specific.

TH: What business would you most like to win?

DS: Tennent’s Lager – I’ve said this before, it would be a true labour of love!! Scottish & Southern Energy – a genuinely Scottish company flourishing in an extremely competitive marketplace. 

TH: Thanks David


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