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Amazon Business builds Rome in a day

The new campaign from Joint re-imagines the popular idiom

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Amazon Business shared how it might have been with the help of its service. A new campaign from creative agency, Joint re-imagines the popular idiom, showing how the use of Amazon Business might have sped up the process of building the famous city.

The playful new campaign uses the power of storytelling, injecting the power of Amazon into the famous phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ to demonstrate the benefits of Amazon Business. The campaign hero film shows an ancient Roman sat thinking about what to do with his day when the inspiration to build a new city, Rome, strikes. With the help of Amazon Business this becomes an easy task.

Using his smartphone to go on to Amazon Business, the ancient Roman is able to get discounted business orders on bulk supplies, guides on what to buy and analytics to know exactly where the money is going. While the city builds up around him with ease his fellow ancient Romans are able to leisurely chat by the water cooler and take pride in the city building up around them. 

The campaign playfully looks back on one of history’s greatest civilisations and imagines how much more the Romans could have achieved with the right business partner. The film was created with the help of the brilliant Scott Lyon, k Outsider, Work Editorial, ETC and 750mph who helped weave together the sights and sounds of ancient Rome. All set to the soundtrack of ‘Watch Out Now’ by The Beatnuts.

The campaign has also been aided by online, with an accompanying social campaign giving an insight into what goes on in the background when building an entire city in a day. Amazon Business is also launching a national out of home campaign along with a full suite of social and digital assets, and a marquee placement in the Wall Street Journal.

In the crowded business-to-business marketplace which often takes on a more serious tone, Amazon Business uses the power of storytelling to showcase its unique offering. The campaign rooted in storytelling demonstrates the ease of its service through flipping a well-known narrative on its head.

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