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Amazon Insurance Store launches with a fairytale

The new campaign from Joint for Amazon puts a twist on a classic tale

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


To celebrate the launch of its brand new Amazon Insurance Store, Amazon has put a modern-day twist on the well-known tale of the old woman who lived in a shoe.

The brand-new insurance offering allows consumers to shop and compare home insurance all on Amazon. The ease of the one-stop shop is brought to life in a magical campaign that shows just how easy getting home insurance on Amazon is, even for the woman in the shoe.

The creative campaign created by Joint is titled, Moving In and follows a normal looking lady going about her day-to-day business inside her unique-looking home. Audiences are able to see the woman moving around her quaint but mysterious place and all seems perfectly normal until she logs on to Amazon to purchase 35 cans of shoe polish and then home insurance.

The creative shows the ease of the process, with the lady buying insurance just as easily as she could any other product. When the camera moves out to reveal the exterior of her home, her unique shopping list makes sense to audiences as it's revealed she is the woman who lives in a shoe. The fairytale creatives carefully pairs whimsy with practicality, trending the line between function, imagination and humour.

To create the film Joint collaborated with director, Nick Gordon along with a team at Somesuch and the production designers Koja. The soundtrack to the spot is the 60s track, “Wondrous Place” by Billy Fury.

The campaign is soon to extend to national out of home, social and digital campaign that brings the shoe house to life.

Through the power of storytelling and borrowing from a well-known tale, the campaign is able to capture the imagination of audiences and tell the story of the unique product offering, emphasising how easy it is to shop for home insurance on Amazon by showing not telling.

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