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DCM and Universal create bespoke LGBTQ+ ad reel for Bros movie

The reel will run ahead of Bros, the first romantic comedy from a major studio that features an entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


On the 28th October, Bros launched in UK cinemas, the first romantic comedy from a major studio that features an entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast. To celebrate the occasion and pay homage to the ground-breaking spirit of the film, Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and Universal Pictures have joined forces to launch a first-of-its-kind partnership, curating a bespoke LGBTQ+ ad reel to run ahead of the studio’s new film

The ad reel has been curated to only feature content from advertisers aligned with the LGBTQ+ community. Ads included are from brands such as Rimmel, Virgin Atlantic, Pinterest and Premier Inn. Part of the ad reel will also shine a light on LGBTQ+ charities, with content from Queer Britain, the first dedicated National LGBTQ+ Museum featured.

The reel begins with a full takeover of DCM’s ident, combining DCM’s logo with footage from Bros, before an introduction from Billy Eichner, co-writer, star and executive producer of the film.

Eichner’s speech outlines how advertisers play an extremely important role in helping drive positive change in audience attitudes and perceptions. He stresses that the industry has a responsibility to represent the diversity of customers on screen and goes on to explain how the specially curated ad reel celebrates all the positive work that brands have done to push forward a progressive agenda and create more positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

Each brand spot then runs interspersed with blipverts created by DCM Studios with interviews from Bros cast members about the unique casting decisions made for the film, what it means for them and the future of the industry.

“We’re really proud of this campaign, which brings together advertisers who have initiatives that support the representation of the LGBTQ+ community.” added Davina Barker, Sales Director, Digital Cinema Media.

She shared “at DCM we are committed to reflecting diversity and inclusion and we are grateful to Universal, Billy Eichner and the Bros team for partnering with us on what is our biggest cultural intervention to date. Cinema creates cultural moments and we hope that this important campaign connects with our audiences and helps create a lasting legacy for better representation in the film and advertising industry.”

The campaign launched in cinemas on Friday 28 October and will run during all screenings of Bros across all of DCM’s estates.

The bespoke reel highlights the way that positive representation in advertising can help increase inclusion and acceptance.